Hamdi Ulukaya, the world’s greatest CEO?

With this question this video went viral in social media, it tells the news about a CEO that gave his 2.000 employees 10% of the company’s stock. We are talking about Chobani, the yogurt company founded by Hamdi Ulukaya, turkish immigrant in 2005. If the company value it’s surrounding the

What’s your age in %? A new way to measure your age

When someone asks your age, your answer it’s usually 24, 35 or 50 years… But what if you answered with a percentage? You’d be seeing life like Nas Daily, a vlogger that measures his age like a life percentage. In Colombia women live an average of 79 years and men,


Money vs recognition: ¿which one is the best motivator?

In December of last year, Ikea Spain announced that its coworkers would get 13.2 million for achieving certain objectives, as long as they had 6 months of working in the company. With this news, the old question in the incentives topic resurfaced, about which one is the best motivator: ¿money rewards

Music to create engagement with clients and collaborators

“Music is for the soul, what gymnastics is to the body” – Platón. From the companies to their employees The power that music holds to strengthen relationships or cultivating feelings it’s undeniable. Backed by studies, done by Windsor University and the Monash University in Canadá, we discover that: -People that

Trends that prevail in the workplace

A study done by The Staples Workplace Advantage Index, identify the work trends that are taking place all over the world and that tend to make way into the future of the organizations. Major investment in initiatives for the well-being of the staff Long journees of work and the stress


Listen to Juan José Mesa talk about his life and entrepreneurship

Juan José Mesa’s history stated with a big challenge: “When i was 15 years old and with a 14 year old brother, life handed us a new challenge, of moving forward and alone.” That’s how the interview with Glüky’s CEO starts, referring to the loss of their parents at a

In colombia more workers are happy thanks to Glüky

Companies and Groups like Bancolombia, Unilever, Nacional de Chocolates, Nutresa, Mapfre, Corpbanca, are amongst their clientes. Bogotá, 15 nov (Colombia-inn) – In Colombia there’s 22 millions employees, but as a good part of the world, most of them aren’t happy at their jobs. Nevertheless, this tendency it’s beginning to change,

Motivated employees

If you’re considering to take measures in your company so that an employee can feel more motivated, you have to take into account that motivation involves intrinsic factors for each person and external factors as well. That’s why, the key to motivate employees is to understand their work necessities and

Technology and the future of work

When it comes to the future of work, there are three key tendencies that technology imposes, and that the leaders have to pay attention to. Prepare your organizations for the changes that will modify the way you work in them. Behaviors modified by social media A lot of what we