What’s your age in %? A new way to measure your age

When someone asks your age, your answer it’s usually 24, 35 or 50 years… But what if you answered with a percentage? You’d be seeing life like Nas Daily, a vlogger that measures his age like a life percentage.

In Colombia women live an average of 79 years and men, 72 years. So, by doing a simple rule of three, you can know your life percentage. For example:if you are a woman of 26 years old and you’re expected to live until 79, you have lived 32,9% of your life.

If they gave you your life like a big block of wood, thinking in percentages, you wouldn’t use 10% in a job that doesn’t make you happy or 5% dating someone you don’t love.

Every percentage, moment and minute of your life counts. So, what’s your life percentage right now?

Some interesting facts:

  • 30% of a human being’s life passes at work. In America, the average work week lasts 40 hours. Most of the people take few vacations days. In average, most people spend from 25 to 30 years working.
  • According to Phys.org, a normal person sleeps a third of their life. Basing that on a 79 year old life expectancy, we spend around 318 months sleeping.
  • In America, a 15% of people’s live is spent at school. Assuming you complete your education from kinder to twelve grade and basing on a 79 year expectancy.
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