Trends that prevail in the workplace

A study done by The Staples Workplace Advantage Index, identify the work trends that are taking place all over the world and that tend to make way into the future of the organizations.

  1. Major investment in initiatives for the well-being of the staff

Long journees of work and the stress of everyday tasks have a negative influence in the employee’s productivity and finally in the company’s rentability. That’s why, today, the organizations are investing more and more in initiatives that bring greater physical and mental well being to improve their collaborators health and productivity.

  1. Environmentally friendly companies

The environmentally responsibility of the companies has become an important requirement for workers. The decision of working at one company or another it’s going to be more influenced by the environmental practices of the company that’s recruiting the personal.

  1. Bigger flexibility demanded from employees

Freelance work will continue to grow as long as the employees look for more work flexibility. Pressure will fall over the employers, who have the challenge to welcome a new culture of personal and work life balance that current generations desire, and to adopt flexible models of work within the organizations.

  1. Work from home

Most of the people that work from home recognize that working outside the office increases their productivity, improves the balance between personal and working life and boost their general level of happiness. The possibilities of offering this model of work it’s increasingly more common and presents benefits for both employee and employer.

  1. Offices that encourage creativity and collaborative work

The human talent in organizations gets more diverse, mobile and there’s also new dynamics established for collaborative and open work. That’s why, the traditional office design begins to be rethinked in order to attend to the new necessities of collaborators.

Understanding this new tendencies and preparing for them, can play an important role in talent retention for organizations. Implementing strategies to improve the wellbeing and productivity of the collaborators can contribute to the development of a work culture in which everyone can enjoy going to work.

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