Technology and the future of work

When it comes to the future of work, there are three key tendencies that technology imposes, and that the leaders have to pay attention to. Prepare your organizations for the changes that will modify the way you work in them.

Behaviors modified by social media

A lot of what we see know inside the companies we work for is related to ‘collaborating’, which is feed by the consumer trends on the Web. Technologies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare are inspiring the creation of other social networks, more robust and oriented to work like Jive, Yammer, Chatter and many more. The efficiency that this technologic tools bring is changing the way we do our labors, giving us freedom and flexibility to work from any place, any moment and any device.

Besides, hierarchies start to dilute now that any employee can connect with another in the company without caring about the rank they have. This makes possible actions as simple as a CEO ‘liking’ a post from another co worker, something that can have a big impact for members in the company.

Changing to the ‘cloud’

Most collaborative platforms are based in the cloud, which allows the barrier to work to be from one to none. Now, it’s not necessary that a business have to wait a lot to acquire an expensive and complicated technology, any person with a credit card and Internet access can use the technology that adapts best to their needs.

Millennials will occupy have the vacants for 2020

They are accustomed to staying connected, being collaborative and keeping moving. Millennials want to work from anywhere, have a voice and learn about what interest them. Most of the Organizations are struggling to adapt to this work force as the old generation of ‘Baby Boomers’ leave their jobs.

This is an important factor for the future of work since the organizations start to look for new ways to attract and keep this talents, that acostume to have a permanent connection to the Internet, think is archaic to aspire a 9 to 5 job and having to drive long hours to get to it.

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