Music to create engagement with clients and collaborators

“Music is for the soul, what gymnastics is to the body” – Platón.

From the companies to their employees

The power that music holds to strengthen relationships or cultivating feelings it’s undeniable. Backed by studies, done by Windsor University and the Monash University in Canadá, we discover that:

-People that work in silence are more prone to increase anxiety, arterial pressure and heart rate in comparison to those who listen to music when preparing for a presentation.

-In operative works, there’s an hypothesis that productivity increases when work is done with a background music. And in general, it is warned that music is not to be loud and the use of headphones it’s encouraged with the precaution of a low volume.

-Positive emotions and work quality in employees from the computing department went down when they didn’t listen to music.

The benefits of listening to music while working are: fomenting concentration, reducing stress and anxiety and stimulating creativity.

From brands to clients

Spotify Brands has made a stupendous work in using the segmentation by content to reach users with habits, ways of thinking and specific tastes that align with your target audience.

We’ve chosen some interesting success cases where music is the one in charge to englobate marketing strategies for brands. An use that the company-employee environment could explore a lot more in the hopes of generating atraction to Millennials that want to feel identified with their work place. Beyond a meticulous elaborated playlist, this brands teach us how to use music to create engagement.

ADIDAS: Users can add a song and then tagging a their team to win purchase coupons for Adidas Originals and Spotify Premium codes.

  • The add page had 30.000 visits.
  • 000 songs were added to a collaborative playlist for Adidas Originals.
  • 700 people were tagged in Facebook.
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BMW: They teamed up with Spotify to elevate the knowledge about their new model, creating unique musical experiences for the five more representative road trips in the U.S.A.

  • More than 14.000 playlists created.
  • Finalization rate of 30%.
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Reebok: playlist were generated based on the type of activity, intensity and duration of the workout routines. The experience also included playlist by athletes to inspire people.

  • More than 150.000 downloads and 365.000 visits that contributed to more than a million visits to the page.
  • More than 60% of the users came back to the app organically.

The app also generated coverage from several channels that included:

  • 000 visits when the video launched on Youtube.
  • 100 publications on blogs like PocketLint, FastCompany, Trendhunter and Mashable.
  • 200 tweets.
  • 165 news articles: press articles on Women’s Fitness Magazine (EE. UU.), Men’s Fitness (ES) and Contagious Magazine (Reino Unido).
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In conclusion, both companies that are looking to transmit their identities or brands that want to increase knowledge and consideration of their product or service, music is pretty powerful tool to communicate values and generating the elusive and wanted engagement.

Sources: Uhma Salud.

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