Motivated employees

If you’re considering to take measures in your company so that an employee can feel more motivated, you have to take into account that motivation involves intrinsic factors for each person and external factors as well.

That’s why, the key to motivate employees is to understand their work necessities and expectations, but at the same time, offering conditions in their day to day that contribute to satisfy them.

This are some of the external factors that you can control and that are very present in the work environment, that turn out to be very motivating for workers.

Leadership actions and positive managing that empowers employees

Handing out a responsibility to someone it’s telling them you trust them to do it.

Making communication transparent

Keep your collaborators informed about the changes that are important for the role they have.

Involve collaborators in decisions related to their job

Make sure they know their opinion it’s important and their input it’s taking into consideration.

Minimize the number of rules and politics

Create a trust environment that shows you treat your employees as responsible adults.

Acknowledge your collaborators regularly

Thank the job well done, give positive feedback when it’s pertinent and don’t let their work go unnoticed.

Encourage learning opportunities

Organize meetings between work teams with different leaders or experts in different subjects, to share knowledge and to keep an environment of professional and personal growth in the company.

Offer benefits

Give compensations and incentives for the achievement of goals or positive behavior.

Be coherent

Direct and evaluate your collaborators under KPI’s previously defined and clear expectations.

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