Listen to Juan José Mesa talk about his life and entrepreneurship

Juan José Mesa’s history stated with a big challenge: “When i was 15 years old and with a 14 year old brother, life handed us a new challenge, of moving forward and alone.” That’s how the interview with Glüky’s CEO starts, referring to the loss of their parents at a young age.

“This challenge that life throwed at me, gave me a competitive advantage from most people and it’s that i lost all fear”.

With the courage of an entrepreneur, Juan José asked for 5 million borrowed from his boss and turned them into a company filled with passion, that has come from Colombia to México, Chile, Costa Rica and Panamá.

As two years went by proving products to companies, he identify that they were gifts to workers on special days. They were a way to motivate employees that were losing their engagement to the company. With this realization, Glüky Group is born.

A platform is created so that people can pick their awards. And later, the necessity for an effective strategy to strengthen the relationship between company and person is added. This way, Glüky takes shape as an agency specialize in developing strategies to incentive people, to make the more happy in their work and to achieve their goals.

How has Glüky grown

“The first thing i did was negotiating with my wife… I asked her: where do you want to live?”

Juan José advises future entrepreneurs into thinking about home stability. He says that when you invest mind, body and heart into a project, thinking it can be handled with a remote control it’s very difficult. In the audio interview, he explains how the company has grown and how the decision to arrive to México, even though it was made having the market into account, was a family decision first.

The other advice it’s to not expand without the needed infrastructure. Trusting in the direct team at the front can handle the business, it’s key to live in México without worrying about what’s going on in Colombia.To Juan José, opening market in México has been like being reborn in business, new learning and new challenges, which he talks about in the radio show.

Glüky in the future

Juan José keeps investing without fear, but with the experience he has earned. And he shows it with PagoMío, Glüky’s last acquisition, that has the objective to strengthen the supply of value and integrated services.

Being ambitious, giving the employees of Glüky the opportunity to grow, being a strategic ally to the customers and enjoy, those are the purposes of this entrepreneur, that ends the interview with three words: attitude, velocity and transformation.

Listen to the full show (in spanish) to know what he means by them.

Hablemos de Negocios is a radio show from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. It airs every saturday and sundays at 10:30 a.m. at 106.9 HJUT station.

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