In colombia more workers are happy thanks to Glüky

Companies and Groups like Bancolombia, Unilever, Nacional de Chocolates, Nutresa, Mapfre, Corpbanca, are amongst their clientes.

Bogotá, 15 nov (Colombia-inn) – In Colombia there’s 22 millions employees, but as a good part of the world, most of them aren’t happy at their jobs. Nevertheless, this tendency it’s beginning to change, at least in the country’s important companies that dedicate some of their resources to make their employees happier and motivated people.

And everything thanks to Glüky Group, an entrepreneurship that begun 10 years ago with a 5 million pesos loan, dedicated in the beginning solely to provide small items to companies that wanted to award their employees with these kinds of gifts, but that soon changed their reason to exist.

“Generally, companies want to achieve their goals or have better results, they think about innovation, publicity or bringing costs down, but they don’t think about people, and we saw that as we make employees more related to the company, to the company’s purpose, they will be more empowered in their jobs and give better results”, ensures Juan José Mesa, CEO and founder of Glüky.

Based on this premise, the then only 25 year old Mesa, started his project in the space of a kitchen. As of now, Glüky has offices at Medellín, where the headquarters is, plus Bogotá, Cali and Bucaramanga. But it’s also has expanded to México, Chile, Panamá and Costa Rica.

Harold Díaz, Glüky’s Planning and Strategy Director, explains that the company focuses on “creating incentive and acknowledgment strategies in function of the business, services and marketing objectives that our customers have and also to generate a better work environment and more committed people”.

Even if there are outside sell forces, the objective is to incentivize the salesmans so that they offer our client’s product before the competitor’s and to go beyond the prize issue”.

According to the direct, “we are an agency that develops incentive and acknowledgment strategies so that companies achieve and surpass their goals, creating engagement with people and allies”.

In accordance with Diaz, in statement with Colombia-inn, “Glüky has bet a lot not only on the operation related to the awards, but on a strategic component based on data, client intelligence, business and employee environment, a technology that allows to create bonding between brands and people and directed and measurable communication”.

A different company, for a different generation

Understanding the life cycles and motivations of collaborators in the new millennium is fundamental for the achievement of Glüky’s objectives.

In that way, the so called millennials are people who see the world in a completely different way and to achieve that they remain connected and happy in their workplaces you have to give them opportunities and flexibility. Knowing and understanding them it’s one of the main strategic roles that the company takes on.

However, Andrés García, the Financial and Administrative director, clarifies that, “we don’t do coaching, we don’t give accompanying or leadership talks to people. What we do is, through a technological platform and a personalized attention to the customer acknowledge him, reward him, motivate him to come up with innovating ideas”.

“Glüky’s key to success is taking companies to achieve their goals trying to be very careful with the line between being motivated versus what certain situations or actions can generate for me, at a personal level, that don’t allow the right state of mind in the company for me”, adds García.

Four fundamental pillars

There are four main pillars on which Glüky’s labor is based: Strategy and Communications, Technology, Logistics and Customer Service and Business Intelligence (data).

For that, the company counts with an interdisciplinary team of 87 people in Colombia and 14 more abroad, conformed by engineers, developers, designers, creatives, communicators, experts in logistics, marketing research and customer service.

A team that has allow the company to increase their annual income by 30%, surpassing 6 million dollars in sales, thanks to more than a million users, considering the employees that work for the companies they keep commercial bonds with.

Standing out amongst them: Unilever, Renault, Noel, Nutresa, Mapfre, Nacional de Chocolates, Bancolombia, Colombina, Cream Helado, Corpbanca y Coomeva, top companies in each of their sector, thanks to, among other things, to their employees being happier.

Entrepreneurship Global Week

Precisely, on the occasion of celebrating this tuesday, the Entrepreneurship Global Week, Glüky’s work was highlighted by iNNpulsa, an entity of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and productivity as axes for the business development.

“The world has necessities, the entrepreneurs solve them”, that’s the message that is broadcasted by the Entrepreneurship Global Week in Colombia, initiative led by an articulating committee composed by diverse official and private entities.

Amongst them are the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism; iNNpulsa Colombia, Medellín Mayoralty, Andi; Bogotá and Barranquilla’s Chamber of Commerce, Confecámaras, Endeavor Colombia, REUNE y Somos Más.

By Carlos Osorio Pineda

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