3 things to avoid if you want to innovate

If you want to combine the development of new products with profitables business models, there’s some things you have to avoid so that your employees with the most capabilities don’t lose their motivation in improving the products and process of the company.

Don’t say or do any of this 3 things, they may frustrate your most innovating employees and they happen frequently in an organization. 

Ask for amazing creations

Sounds good, right? But… what’s and amazing or awesome creation? What do the leaders think a company needs to achieve in a strategic way the purpose they’ve defined? An innovator is doomed to fail when he doesn’t have a strategic north to point to. Never say to them: “¡Do something incredible and unique that leaves everyone in awe!”.

Bring me ideas, then we’ll see if there’s budget

Your innovative collaborators arrive with a bunch of ideas, but then they have to do models, projections and studies so that they get a budget to implement them. The problem is there is no budget for models or test. If you are going to incentive your collaborators to propose good ideas, you should guarantee at least a small capital to develop the necessary prototypes so that the ideas can be implemented.

Try new things with clients can damage the brand

Directors panic when the time comes to prove a proposal with the final client. Launching a beta version of any project, so that it’s tested with users, represents a risk that most are afraid to take. Instead of cutting the initiatives at its roots, the directors can take measures so that the risks are mitigated. For example, define basic rules about the how and when the brand can be use to launch or test products with clients.

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